Are vehicle floor liners really worth it?

Yes, they can come at a premium cost — a full set from BOOXE, for example, is between R1480.00 and R1880.00, depending on the size of the vehicle and the finishes you choose, but that’s a fraction of the cost of replacing the original carpet lining or potential damage to the vehicle’s parts beneath it.

    Are rubber vehicle floor mats worth buying over fabric or plastic mats?

    Personal taste and requirements are the main criteria. If you want a mat that gives the greatest amount of protection and adds to the look and feel of your vehicle’s interior, rubber mats are the best choice. They are durable and long lasting, and will protect your original carpets the best against liquid spills, moisture and the effects of adverse weather conditions such as mud, rain and dust damage.

      Do I really need car mats?

      For vehicle owners who pride themselves on keeping their cars in tip top shape, having a floor carpet mat isn’t sufficient to do the job properly. Having a custom-made rubber mat that fits your particular vehicle model perfectly and protects your vehicle’s carpets from dirt and grime, muddy shoes, paws is the choice of most drivers of expensive cars.

        Should I use rubber or carpet car mats?

        Quality fitted rubber mats help prevent damage to the floors of your car. And while most cars come with carpet mats, these get worn out over time with wear and tear. Rubber mats are designed to protect a vehicle’s floor from dirt, wear, and corrosion, preserving the carpet underneath. One major use of a rubber mat is to keep the car looking clean and tidy. Rubber mats can be easily removed for cleaning and then replaced on top of the carpet.

          What are the best mats to protect my car floors when I transport my pets?

          Many people transport their pets in their cars at some point, whether to the vet or daily to the park or beach to walk them.  Fur from their coat malts all over the place and is difficult to clean from carpets. Dogs paws can scratch carpets damaging them, and often dogs paws and coats are dirty from beach sand or mud causing dirty carpets.  Rubber mats are the best choice for protecting your original carpets from wear and tear caused by pets, as they are robust, durable, waterproof and very easy to simply remove and hose down clean.

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