Dear BOOXE friends

We hope you are all staying safe and staying at home as much as possible during the Coronavirus pandemic. To those who are working as one of the emergency services we would like to say Thank You for keeping our country secure, healthy and running smoothly. There are a lot of our citizens who will not be working and will not be earning a salary during lockdown; we trust that you will be looked after and that your livelihood will return once the Covid-19 disaster is over.

With this in mind, we would like to appeal to all South Africans to remember “Local is Lekker!”  South Africans are a hardworking, entrepreneurial bunch and many of us have started our own businesses to ensure food is put on the table. Most of these small businesses rely on local support from fellow South Africans, to buy their products or procure their services. We can all help to keep these businesses alive by choosing to buy locally produced goods and services instead of investing in imported goods. When the Coronavirus pandemic is over, when lockdown is lifted, and you’re back in the shops, please think before you purchase, and try to buy South African.

BOOXE Customised Vehicle Accessories is a South African start-up business and we use local materials and local suppliers and services, to produce and deliver our products, many of whom are also affected by the Lockdown.


Please remember that our website is live and our online shop is open to take orders even during Lockdown. We cannot deliver your products during this time but we will ensure that they are supplied as soon as our couriers are given the go-ahead to deliver for us again.  You will save R150.00 flat rate shipping fee when you make your purchase during the next two weeks!

Thanks for taking the time to read this Local is Lekker Plea to keep South Africa in business!

Take care and stay safe.

Greg & Lori & the BOOXE team.

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