Toyota FJ Cruiser Floor Mat

R1,180.00 Incl Vat

• Customised for TOYOTA FJ CRUISER front and back footwells
• Keeps original carpets clean and undamaged
• Easy to wash, waterproof, oil and stain resistant
• Flexible and easy to lift
• Textured underside prevents movement over carpet beneath

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Features & Benefits

BOOXE FloorMats are made from the same high quality 3mm thick rubber as the BootMat, keeping your FJ CRUISER interior footwells looking polished and adding protection against slipping, dirt and damage to the surface beneath.

• Made-to-measure for the TOYOTA FJ CRUISER front and back passenger floors
• Tough EPDM rubber composition secures a rigid core for strength and longevity
• Anti-slip, tactile upper-surface prevents you from slipping in or out of vehicle
• Robust rubber edging ensures quality and durability
• Textured underside prevents movement over the surface beneath
• Pet-friendly non-slip top surface will withstand paw scratches
• Easy-to-clean, waterproof, oil-resistant, Dust-absorbent, Stain-proof
• Eco Friendly, 100% Recyclable, Odourless, Non-Toxic
• Preserves the value of your car by protecting the original floors
• Flexible and easy to lift
• Manufactured with rigorous specifications to ensure a lengthy lifespan


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