Customised Vehicle Accessories are all designed with one thing in mind,  Keep it tidy…  Whether it’s gathering all our clutter that rolls around the boot and packing it into one convenient Boot Box, fitting robust rubber Boot and Floor Mats to protect our interior carpets, or attaching a flexible rubber Bumper Guard to your boot floor to avoid scratching your bumper, we like to Keep it tidy…

BOOXE Customised Vehicle Accessories are designed with care and precision using quality materials. Each product is unique, innovative and practical with refined good looks and robust, built-to-last characteristics.

BOOXE is here to help make your life easier by organising and streamlining your vehicle’s storage capacity, protecting its boot and interior floor surfaces and guarding its bumper against damage.

All BOOXE Boot Boxes and Rubber Mats are exclusively designed and manufactured in South Africa

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