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Do you have any stores?

No we don’t have stand-alone stores. As most of our products are custom-made to your specifications it would be impossible to hold stock of every item we offer. Therefore we are an online store only and manufacture once your order is placed and payment is made. It makes sense to keep our production in one centre and to deliver directly to your door. More convenient for you too.

Where can we go and see your products?

As we don’t have any physical stores, we have uploaded lots of photographs showing our products as they look in many of the vehicles. We also have videos showing people handling many of our products which makes it easy for you to see the quality and functionality of our products. These can all be seen on the gallery

Do you deliver everywhere and what are the delivery fees?

We deliver all over South Africa and Namibia directly to your door. Our shipping rates start at R150.00 anywhere in South Africa and, depending on the weight of your order, increase incrementally. Our Namibian shipping rates start at R350.00.
For other international enquiries please email us at

How long does delivery take?

Many of the BOOXE products are custom-made so please allow 7 days for production and 3-5 working days for delivery. We do our utmost to get your BOOXE products to you ASAP as we know you cannot wait to have them so you can… Keep it Tidy! If you are in a major rush please let us know and we will try to fast track your order – we know many of our BOOXE orders are gifts!

Why should I pay for Delivery?

The short of it…
We also have to pay for delivery so we are charging you the minimum rate for your delivery to ensure you are able to get your BOOXE accessories as soon and as safely as possible.

The long story…
We could include the cost of shipping in the price of our products, but we want to be open about the actual price of our products and keep them affordable.

Most of our products are large, bulky and heavy, so they cost more to courier than just sending an envelope across town or the country.

As BOOXE is a small business which is focussed on a niche range of products in a specific market, unlike the Take-a-lot and Woolworths online stores, we don’t have hundreds of thousands of customers. We’re an exclusive, quality-is-everything, kind of brand, providing customised products to discerning customers who value their vehicles and don’t mind having their purchases delivered to their door, saving them time and fuel!

Another thing to remember is BOOXE is an online brand; we don’t sell in shops so we don’t have to add overheads like rentals and sales staff to our retail price. Therefore you are paying the absolute minimum for premium quality vehicle accessories that have been customised for your specific requirements. BOOXE products are not your run-of-the-mill, off-the-counter, common-or-garden items. No. They are exclusive and unique and you can only get them from the source, ie.

 We’d love to offer free shipping for all our products to all destinations. But that would mean we wouldn’t be making any profit. And that would be plain stupid.

 Thank you for reading this and for your understanding. 

Can we collect?

Yes, you can collect from our factory in Westmead, Pinetown, Durban. If you would like to collect please send us an email and we will send you a coupon code to use when you place your order which will waive the shipping fee. Once your order is ready we will email you to let you know.

Do you offer a gift service?
If you would like to send a BOOXE product as a gift, please make a note of it on the Notes section and fill in the name and address of the lucky recipient in the Shipping Address and we will have it delivered directly. We’ll even add a complimentary card and a bow! If you have any other special requests please email us at
Does the BOOXE Original BootBox fit in every TOYOTA FORTUNER?

Yes, the OriginalBoot Box fits perfectly into the boot recess/footwell of all models of the Toyota Fortuner, from 2006 to present. The lid sits flush with the boot floor when closed, extending the boot space and levelling the floor.

Will the BOOXE ULTIMATE Boot Box fit in my car?

The Ultimate Boot Box is designed to fit neatly into the boot of most vehicles, but not in very small cars. It will fit easily and comfortably in the boot of any SUV or medium to large sedan. It is 90cm long, 27cm wide and 29cm deep.

How strong are the Boot Boxes?

All our Boot Boxes are manufactured from high quality, tough ABS with hard-wearing, aluminium hinges. They are designed purposefully to remain in your vehicle’s boot to store your own choice of essentials from Emergency gear and tools to shopping bags or 6 bottles of wine! So they are lightweight, yet robust enough to withstand the rough or smooth terrain that your vehicle navigates.

Is the Original Boot Box accessible from the Fortuner back-passenger doors as well as from the boot lid?

Yes it certainly is. However, the Fortuner’s rear seats would need to be folded up in order to open the BootBox.

What kinds of items CAN and CAN’T be stored in the Boot Box?

We would recommend you store most anything you like… emergency items such as jumper leads, tow rope and first aid kit, fishing tackle, spare bicycle tubes, photography tripod, baby essentials, running or swimming gear for a spontaneous spurt of exercise, even to conceal your weapon and ammo! You name it….

We would NOT recommend storing fresh consumables such as liquids or perishables, petrol or chemicals, matches or anything combustible. 

Are your Mats Non-slip?

Yes, all of our Boot, Bin and Floor Mats are anti-slip, with a tactile upper-surface that prevents normal load shift – within reason. Rest assured, your dogs will not slide all over your boot when you take them out for a ride! Your shopping bags will also stay put!

As Rubber Mats are subject to different kinds of wear and tear do you guarantee them for any period of time?
Our mats are all made to vigorous standards and should last many years as many of our customers have affirmed. We have had our own mats in our cars for over four years and they are still in perfect condition after cleaning weekly. However, as customers handle their mats differently we cannot guarantee that all mats will be as long lasting. After all we aren’t talking about an appliance but a mat that has different levels of wear and tear. Therefore, we offer to replace or fix mats within 6 months of purchase.
Where are BOOXE products manufactured
All of our Boot Boxes, Gap Caps and Bin, Boot and Floor Mats are exclusively manufactured in South Africa.
Why is my credit card payment not going through?

Our credit card provider acts as a middleman between BOOXE and your bank to process online transactions. The final authorisation for your transaction comes from your bank. So if your card transaction has failed, the most probable cause is a bank decline – which can be for one of many reasons. Some common reasons for a bank decline notice are: incorrect card details, exceeding daily limits or insufficient funds. Some banks automatically disable debit cards for online payments, so you may need to contact your bank about whether your card is disabled or not.


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