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HI Lori,

My apologies for the delay in reverting to you. The weather was so bad here that I didn’t have a chance to try out the new mat last week. The weather is still looking bad but we’ve had a brief respite in the rain so I used the opportunity to fit the mat. It’s now perfect!!

I’m impressed at your service. It made me recall a lesson I learnt in business school: that a bad service incident can be an opportunity to impress a customer, and if correctly handled, you can be left with a customer who is happier than he/she would’ve been had the product or service been right from the start! Well done and thank you…
Dolores Pestana


I received my order of the Boot Box and Boot mat. Its awesome. It fits perfectly!

The box was delivered this morning. Thank you for excellent service. 

I saw it in the SA 4×4 Magazine and it is working like charm!!

Hendrik D


Great product and fantastic service from Lori and the team and BOOXE. I would highly recommend this to all my friends. Well build and very competitive pricing. I also like the fact that one can tailor the product to your preference. Quick turnaround time too

Matthew Kapnoudhis

I’m over the moon with my Booxe mat! It has already paid itself off by protecting the boot lining from our baby’s pram and toys! I had my reservations that it might not fit, being a 3rd party product, but it’s absolutely perfect! I reckon this mat will last a lifetime! One last bonus was that our shopping bags don’t fly around either!
Ian Rall

Purchased a Toyota Rav 4 Boot Mat and couldn’t be happier with the result, previously items were sliding around the back around the straightest of corners, it all sits nicely now. Thanks for a great product
Matthew Pohl

After taking my back seats out of my Toyota Fortuner and fitting the Boot Box and Boot Mat I now have a level boot with my emergency gear neatly tucked away under the mat in the Boot Box! Absolutely love it! What a problem solver! 

Gareth D

I’m really excited about the kit, my car is now smarter many thanks for such a brilliant idea!


Just fitted my box and mat. What a pleasure. Well manufactured and fitted all my boot mess including my small compressor. Really impressed and value for money.
Thank you so much for your excellent service.

Tony H


BEST customer service ever! Nothing is an effort. Perfect manufacturing and fit.

Sharon Moyes

I am very happy with the Boot Mat for our Toyota Fortuner purchased from Booxe. It is easy to clean and also very important items in the Boot are not shifting around so easily anymore.

Dirk Klöckner

The rubber floor mats and boot mat are excellent. Strong, durable and fits perfectly in my Renault Duster. They proved themselves during a camping trip which brought a lot of gravel and dirt. They did the job 100%.

Gerrie Cronje

Products are amazing. Have all your products and your service was outstanding!

Paul W

I would like to thank you for my vehicle accessories. 

It fits perfect in my Fortuner.

Steve P


Excellent customer service. Quick delivery. Good quality product – Very satisfied with fit of Boot Mat for Toyota Fortuner. Will definitely recommend buying Boot Mat with Bumper Guard and raised-lip.

Driecus Lesch

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