Volvo XC 40 Floor Mat 2018-2022

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XC40 is the ultimate luxury crossover. Winning every notable Car of the Year prize in 2018, its refined, sophisticated strength and intuitive safety technology give you the confidence and power you always demand from your vehicle. Keeping it protected is important to you, so that it always looks pristine and you’RE preserving its future resale value. That’s where BOOXE Customised Vehicle Accessories come in.  With our tailor-made non-slip Floor Mats to protect your interior footwells, you won’t have to worry about muddy shoes or paws damaging your carpets. Choose the optional raised edging on all mats which helps to contain dirt, dust and liquids from spilling onto your carpets.

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Weight 6 kg
Features and Benefits

• Made-to-measure for the Volvo CX 60 front and back passenger footwells • Tough EPDM rubber composition secures a rigid core for strength and longevity • Anti-slip, tactile upper-surface prevents you from slipping in or out of vehicle • Robust rubber edging ensures quality and durability • Textured underside prevents movement over the surface beneath • Pet-friendly non-slip top surface will withstand paw scratches • Easy-to-clean, waterproof, oil-resistant, Dust-absorbent, Stain-proof • Eco Friendly, 100% Recyclable • Preserves the value of your car by protecting the original footwell carpets • Flexible and easy to lift


We offer a choice of edging finishes on our Floor Mats: • Standard Rubber Lip sits flat on the edges of the mat ensuring durability and easy handling. • Raised Rubber Lip has an extra thick lip that stands 20mm above the circumference of the mat, allowing for extra containment of sand, dirt or liquids inside the surface of the mat.

Year Model

2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

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