VW Amarok Industrial Bin Mat 1st Gen – 2010 – 2021

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Your VW Amarok is built for business and pleasure, whether you’re hurtling down farmroads, 4×4 tracks or the National highway, you are in control! You want to keep it in peak performance which means protecting its surfaces from damage, dirt, wear and tear. BOOXE Bin Mats give the optimum protection for your Amarok, tailormade to fit your bin floor perfectly.

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Weight 18 kg

BOOXE Bin Mats for VW AMAROK are offered in two variants:
INDUSTRIAL – A hefty 4.5mm thick industrial rubber mat for withstanding heavy-duty loads.
CHECKERPLATE – A 3mm thick non-slip rubber mat that ensures easy loading.

• A hefty 4.5mm thick industrial rubber mat for withstanding heavy-duty loads such as tools, machinery, bricks, sand, or just about anything you can throw in it
• Protects rubberized and uncoated bin floors from chipping, scratching and denting
• Made-to-measure for the Amarok, Bin Mat fits the entire bin perfectly
• Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, particularly alkalis and acids
• Excellent resistance to weathering and heat
• Good tensile strength
• Good abrasion resistance
• Tough EPDM rubber composition secures a rigid core for strength and longevity
• Anti-slip, tactile upper-surface minimises load shift
• Smooth, flat surfaces enables easy sliding of heavy gear onto bin
• Robust rubber edging ensures quality and durability
• Pet-friendly non-slip surface will withstand paw scratches
• Easy-to-clean, waterproof, oil-resistant, Dust-absorbent
• Eco Friendly, 100% Recyclable
• Preserves the value of the vehicle by protecting the bin surface
• Manufactured with rigorous specifications to ensure a lengthy lifespan.


We offer a choice of edging finishes on our Floor Mats:
• Standard Rubber Lip sits flat on the edges of the mat ensuring durability and easy handling.
• Raised Rubber Lip has an extra thick lip that stands 20mm above the circumference of the mat, allowing for extra containment of sand, dirt or liquids inside the surface of the mat.

Tailgate Extension Option

Protect your whole bin, including the tailgate when you choose the optional Tailgate Extension. This extended length folds out onto the tailgate when you open it, making loading and offloading super smooth as it elongates the length of the boot, filling the gap between bin and tailgate. Your precious pets will also thank you for the protection against getting their legs caught in the gap as they jump in and out of your bakkie. Click here for more info – https://www.booxe.co.za/bin-mats/#extension

Year Model

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Raised Edging

We’ve tried to think of everything so if you choose the Raised Edging for your Bin Mat with the Tailgate extension we’ve edged the tailgate extension section of the mat in standard flat edging to make sure your loading and offloading is easy peasy, unhindered by the 20mm lip!

Shipping Surcharge for Industrial Mats

Please be advised that when you order the Industrial Mat there is an extra R100 surcharge on top of the flat shipping rate of R150.00 to deliver anywhere in SA. The 4.5mm Mats are a lot heavier than our other 3mm mats and therefore much more expensive to courier. We could just add an additional cost onto the price of the mat but we would rather be transparent and upfront with you about the reason for the surcharge. Thanks for your understanding. I’m sure you’ll agree that the extra hundred rand is worth it when you get your Heavy Duty bin mat!

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